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Team Circle Tribe


A short while ago, March 20th to be exact, my soul sister posted this quote on her facebook wall: “Surround yourself with a team of people who are 110% on your side and can provide you with the counsel and wisdom to get you through all the challenges you’ll face.” ~ Lea Woodward.  Someone commented on her post, wondering out loud, if such a “team” exists.  This started me thinking.  If we are truly going to achieve our goals and reach the stars that we have hung our dreams upon, it is vital that this team exist and it is our responsibility to create and cultivate it.

This quote, link, and thought process ultimately lead me to finally purchase a few issues of Wild Sister Magazine.  I can’t believe I waited this long to enjoy this wonderful online publication!  I purchased seven issues including Issue #09, The Women We Admire Issue:http://ow.ly/9xImc .  I wanted to read the whole article and discover the context in which the quote was written.  The article is called Discover Your Superpowers / An Interview with Lea Woodward by Amy Palko.  Between the time I read the post and the whole article, I took a good amount of time considering who was already a part of my team and thinking about which positions might still be available.

My COO Team.  My main men:  The Illustrious T to the Double D, Bear, and the X-Man.  They keep my Modus Operandi in check.  Everything I do and say, I bounce it off the idea of how it will ultimately affect them.  Their happiness is my Mission Statement.

I have a couple of CAOs.  That’s Chief Awesomeness Officers to you.  The regal and radiant, Ruby.  I check in with her on items big and small, frequently.  She reminds me of my awesomeness when I have forgotten and helps me locate it when I have misplaced it.  Ruby also sidelines as my Editor-in-Chief.  She is a real Dymond in the rough that one!  My brilliant brother Brom advises me and keeps me apprised of and attuned to my highest.  He is a Maestro of Mudita!

I have two people that share the role of CEO.  My Chief Energy Officer Team consists of my acupuncturist, Warrior Goddess Mama Joy, who assists me in the care and keeping of my internal energy.  There is also Prime Minister P, who is the Proprietor of Positivity as well as the Facilitator of all things Feng Shui.

A CFO in my Tribe is referred to as a “Chief Fun Officer”.  Everyone deserves to have people with whom they can be completely themselves.  I have a few of those too.

Some organizations have a Board of Trustees.  I have a “Sounding Board”; my three Crown Jewels.  I also have my Sassy Soul Sister S, the Benevolent B, and the Magnanimous M.  Then I have the elders of my tribe, the matriarchs, who nurture the very essence of who I am; The Mystical Mrs. M. and Kindred K.

I also have an Executive Board of Chief Information Officers.  These are the people that provide me with the information I rely on to inspire me.  Writers, Teachers, Musicians, Artists, etc.  There are far too many to list here.

As you can see, the list could go on and on.  The possibilities are endless!

In the article, Lea also states:  “It’s important to know your super power because it’s the foundation on which you can build the life you want – it helps you identify what value you have to offer in the world, upon which you can build a business.”  I believe identifying your super power enables you to create an outstanding existence, a life that you cherish sharing with others.  She goes on to say: “It helps you operate in the world, knowing the value you have to exchange with others – and in this way you can begin to create your own economy. Exchanging your value for money or other things which are valuable to you.”

We should surround ourselves with those who help us discover our super power.  Our circle should consist of individuals who are not afraid of introducing our super power, for fear that it diminishes theirs.  Play off of and even delight in each other’s strengths.  This is Mudita at it’s finest.  Altruistic, vicarious joy.

Another author from Wild Sister Mag, Erica Staab, wrote these words: “you will find people who see your light, your radiance, your sparkle and who flock to be with you, who want to lift you up, who add something to your life…These friends will offer peace, stability, compassion, love and true friendship.”

Developing and nourishing relationships with individuals who see what makes you shine and thrive on reflecting it back to you.  Enjoying the rich depth, texture, and color of weaving these precious people into the fabric of your life.  Most importantly, utilizing your time and energy being the type of person you want on your team.  Cultivate this tribe of kindred spirits and indulge in a delicious relationship of reciprocity.

Who is on your team?  A part of your circle?  A member of your Tribe?