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Asana as an Embrace


A very wise friend once told me that when you are embracing a small child, you should never be the one to let go first.  Her reason for this being, that you just never know how much they truly need.  This small and very important piece of advice has stuck with me.  I attempt to put it into action as much as I can.  With children and adults alike.  Think about it.  How often do we quickly rush through that precious moment of a greeting or a goodbye?  How often do we dismiss it as merely a formality?  Is it possible for us to slow down and be genuinely present in those moments of intimacy and connection?  Is it possible to be neutral and open to giving and receiving during these exchanges of energy?

Can we go one step further and tap into our own wells of energy in order for us to properly gauge how empty or full we are?

We have a unique opportunity to practice this on our Yoga Mat.  Our Asanas, are, in essence, an embrace with ourselves.  There are times when we hold the forms and there are times when we allow ourselves to be held.  We dictate the extent of our embrace, we decide when to let go.  It would behoove us to authentically tune into what is happening for us in each moment, each pose, each practice.  Life is dynamic, our practice is dynamic.  It will fluctuate and be different every time.  Can we witness without judging and getting caught up in all that entails?  Somewhere, deep inside, underneath our to-do lists, our agendas, the sea of every day life, there is a deep and abiding wisdom.  Our breath and our movements are tools to help us excavate, to help us tap into that knowledge and ultimately allow us to create an embrace that is fine-tuned to our exact vibration.

“Any time you want

you can let yourself

pour out with the tide

and the rhythm of a Life

bigger than your life

a container that encompasses

without holding

a spirit that is light

beyond seeing

will bring you back” Miriam Dyak

I want my practice to be “a container that encompasses without holding” so that I may be “a spirit that is light beyond seeing”.  What would you like your practice to be for you?