Autumnal Resolutions


If you need a little assistance getting excited about the upcoming change of season, take a moment to read the article below.  It will introduce you to one of my favorite concepts, “Autumnal Resolutions”!

In 1949, Katharine Elizabeth Fite wrote in Good Housekeeping: “What we need in autumn is an emotional or spiritual shot in the arm.  Why don’t we make the effort that would provide something new in our lives?  Why don’t we do again some of the things that we used to enjoy?  The things that have nothing to do with age but are primarily a state of mind?  Why must we wait until January first to make all of those shining resolutions?  Why don’t we make a few resolutions on a golden September day?  Certainly such resolutions would have more of the “now” quality than the January variety, which are made when we are worn out in spirit, body, and pocketbook, and have no real urge to do anything but rest.”

In Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Book, Simple Abundance, she writes “Since ancient times, September has been viewed as the beginning of the new year, a time for reflection and resolution.  When the leaves start turning colors, it’s time for turning over a personal new leaf so that our lives may be restored.  It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants.  What do you want more or less of in your life, so that you can love the life you’re leading”

Yoga is a wonderful practice that can assist you in finding inner peace; allowing you to tune into your authentic wants.  Yoga can be applied to the management of chronic conditions and injury rehabilitation. It can be used in conjunction with other therapies, such as Physical Therapy, to assist the recovery and healing process. With a qualified instructor, yoga can be modified to accommodate a multitude of physical limitations. Yoga can help increase circulation, mobility, and strength.  It is also an effective method to reduce stress and support you on your path towards emotional and physical well-being.

Used with permission by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance
A Daybook of Comfort and Joy, Grand Central Publishing,


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