I was reading a little Anne Lamott…although there is nothing “little” about her writing, at least not for me.  Every book that I own of hers is dog-eared, highlighted, notes in the margin…I digress.  It occurred to me while reading a chapter called “Wailing Wall”, that my yoga mat / my yoga practice has become my modern day version of a wailing wall.  I come to my mat to hand over what is larger than I to something greater.  My practice strips away all that is unnecessary.  My breath, prana feeds the light inside and everything else just melts away.  All that remains is grace. 


Grace is when one lives in the Spirit.

The spirit is another plane of consciousness

different from the material plane where we live most of our lives.

That other plane, the plane of spirit, gives one perspective on one’s life.

Grace has come to bring you back into the presence of God.

When you have a graceful life, it’s almost as if the walls fall down before you.

Everything is so easy, because you see everything so clearly and you are so loving.

Grace is what moves the soul to God.

That’s the basic journey we are on…to open you up, to heal you, to heal you to the One. 

~  Ram Dass


The “church” and the world are miles away from anything that I would consider ideal or inviting.  However, in my little space, I am one.


I remember my grandmother writing to me many years ago about handing over what she could not handle, to god.  At the time, I thought that I was agnostic, perhaps even atheist…I was strongly opposed to anyone telling me that I had to believe in “one” god or worship said god in a certain way.  I was too insecure and lost at the time to realize that I could find my own way.


Now I know that finding my own way is the only way.  Stitching, patching, quilting together, my own happy little colorful version of “frayed, consignment store faith”.  And I have to say, it is the most beautiful, bright little bit of comfort that I wrap myself up in when I can.


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