I was fortunate enough to be able to attend an amazing two and 1/2 hour workshop yesterday.  It was transformational!  The piece below was the last reading before we began meditating.  It was so beautiful that it moved me to tears.  I emailed the instructor who had read it to inquire about it’s source. It turns out that she wrote it!  She sent it to me and gaveme permission to share it.  Enjoy!

Gassho / Namaste Meditation

(Two hands coming together)


May I open my heart to Loving Kindness


May I open my eyes to see beyond the manifest,

Towards higher Truth, greater Wisdom and Compassion


May I nourish the seed of my Being

By acknowledging what Is,

minding that which requires my devoted Attention

and opening up to Grace.


May I find my strength in the warmth of those who Love me,

Draw my inspiration from the well of infinite Potential within me

and my faith from the rhythms of the Universe.


Just for Today,

May I forego anger, impatience, frustration, anxiety and temptation,

And receive Grace.


So that I may give back Peace & Loving Kindness.


Shanti ~ Peace

Nicole Bacon


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